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We believe that understanding your concerns and career plan is the only valid way to offer you the best possible advice and to insure you according to your expectations. You can then live life to the fullest, safe in the knowledge that we will always be at your side.

Our life insurances

Family and health

We protect all aspects of your private life, starting with you and your family, whether it is to cover damages caused to third parties, going on holiday, your housekeeper and even your dog. We also recommend plans to cover hospitalisation, inability to work and death, all of which benefit from full legal protection should a dispute arise.

Home and contents

The home is often the most valuable thing we own, and has financial and sentimental value – all the more reason to cover it well. This is uppermost in our minds when advising you as best possible on our many home insurance options. And that includes the garden and even soil decontamination after accidental pollution, along with the taking into account of new building standards.

Vehicles and assistance

We all know about obligatory car insurance, but which comprehensive car insurance policy should you choose? And how do you get cover if your child is learning to drive with the family car? If you lose your keys, can you call the company tow truck? For all these questions and more, we are there to advise and reassure you.

Pension and taxation

This area is crucial for your future and financial security. Yet, the rules change often and new cover opportunities or tax deductibility options emerge regularly. At Smeys, we make a point of offering you advice optimised to your professional situation by permanently monitoring your file.

Help in case of a claim

Being sure of getting your broker on the phone and obtaining all the help you need if a problem occurs is priceless. With Smeys, it’s at no extra cost. Getting quick, practical and comprehensive help with a claim is definitely our strong suit.

And all of this is supported by the local and international assistance logistics of KBC, as well as a practical smartphone app that allows you to save all your insurance data and make a claim.

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If I had to define working with Smeys, I would say: customer focus, pragmatic advice and availability. Danny Lein, CEO Twipe Digital Publishing